Will The NIE Backfire On It’s Authors?

Whenever something seems too convenient, I get a little skeptical, and when it involves Bush-haters, I can get downright dismissive…

In that light, the Wall Street Journal reports today that: "the NIE's main authors include three former State Department officials with previous reputations as 'hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials,' according to an intelligence source."

Israeli intelligence and even the International Atomic Energy Agency are not convinced by the report, but more important, neither am I.

As one Israeli official characterized the report, "Oy vey!."

It's not only better to be safe than sorry in matters of this nature, it's the same situation that resulted in the ouster of Hussein – if they aren't completely open, assume the worst and take appropriate action.

As for the authors, the government is infested with liberals, and there's not a single one that's any good.

"'High confidence' judgment is not a fact or a certainty" states the report summary. "Low confidence generally means that the information's credibility and/or plausibility is questionable."

That latter part is doubtless intended to apply to the authors and their report.

Meanwhile, it's interesting to see the IAEA's reaction, because if they (and Europe) don't have the old USA leading the charge, it means they have to think and act for themselves – and we're all a little worse off because of it.

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