Warming Ruined My Morning, Don’t Let It Ruin Your Life

Altered (downgraded) lifestyles, higher taxes, higher energy costs, general inflation, erosion of wealth, greater government control over personal lives, expanded bureaucracy, destruction of growth opportunities in both developed and developing nations, world government, stonings, protection taxes and burkas… those are some of the things that may happen if the warmalarmists have their way.

OK, those last three aren't about Global Warming, they're about Global Islam, but both "advocates" want world government, and of the two, Islam is less scary to me.

But did you catch the part where I said, "may?" That's the same term, among others like "could " and "if," the alarmists use to couch their warnings. Except that the points I've listed are more believable, more possible… and closer to becoming real than is catastrophic warming.

Sunday night, I set my machine to record Chuck on Monday evening on NBC (8pm EST, 7pm Central, repeated this Saturday at 9pm EST, 8pm Central), and on Monday morning, I happened to notice that the recorder was on. At first I thought I'd forgotten to turn it off, but then I realized the record indicator was lit. So I turned on the TV to see what I was getting, and…

Oh… my… GOD! There was the already and yet increasingly hideous Al Gore, emboldened by awards and accolades to strive for new heights of pontification, talking about the "consensus" and how dire our prospects are if we don't do what he's telling us to do, you know the speech.

And all of it is fueled not by facts, but by fear. It reminds me of that old Twilight Zone episode where the aliens create rumors that result in runaway paranoia that eventually turned neighbor against neighbor – not unlike the runaway paranoia about runaway warming is doing.

So the idiot interviewer asked Gore about the credentialed John Christy, a leading critic of the warming hysteria, but when Gore labeled Christy an "outlier," it drew no follow-up questions.

You may know Christy by the more familiar term we give people like him – whistleblower.

And Gore is an "inliar."

Coincidentally, I had read two recent columns, the writers of which had both mentioned Gore in proper context… as a dangerous jackass (my term).

For the record, consensus means nothing, "peer reviewed" means nothing, there is no evidence that CO2 causes warming, there is no real world evidence of any imminent catastrophic warming, scientists widely disagree on the future increase in sea level (if any), there is no graph that shows a steep warming trend, and many of the hottest years (including the absolute hottest) have not been recent, rather they were in the the 1930s. Furthermore, all projections of warming are based on laboratory models which not only cannot accurately project the future, they don't even track to past temperature fluctuations, and temperature gathering itself is enormously imprecise. And man's impact on climate is not only insignificant to this point, but anything people might do to their "carbon footprint" would, at best, result in the tiniest dent in any temperature rise.

No matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, no matter how loud, forceful and confident they are, those are the facts – and if you look closely, they have none of their own – none whatsoever.

Now I've actually been aiding the warmalarmists by calling myself a skeptic – I'm not. Nor am I a denier – because there's nothing to deny. See, a denier is one who, in the face of real evidence and proof, refuses to accept the conclusion. And while I am a skeptic, it's in the same sense that I'm a skeptic about UFOs – I have no doubt they exist, it's just that from what we know about physics and the distances involved, it's not worth considering that any UFO is a ship from another planet… and if you do, you only encourage, empower, and embolden those who consider "the evidence" to be plenty good enough for them.

Lastly, about that "carbon offsets" fraud I mentioned a week or two ago but didn't elaborate on. So they pay to plant trees that supposedly sucks up the carbon they heap on the environment with their private jets and other excesses of the rich and conscientious. Well, here's the problem: the trees they plant of saplings. They have to be since full-grown trees are already sucking other older carbon if you see what I'm saying? But these baby trees don't do anything much right now..Oh sure, in a couple decades there will be this giant sucking sound of CO2 leaving the atmosphere, but again, right this moment, it's all quiet on the western front – except for the sound of celebrity emissions, that is.

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1 Response to Warming Ruined My Morning, Don’t Let It Ruin Your Life

  1. memtony says:

    Thanks for bringing up the term "peer reviewed". I think it is safe to say that any conspiracy by definition is peer reviewed. And "consensus" simply means that you can fool many of the people much of the time.

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