Do you wish the dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth?

The other day, a very nice, polite, no doubt well-intentioned youngster by the name of Jeremy was lamenting our loss of freedom as a result of the Patriot Act. Of course, when pressed, Jeremy couldn't name any specific freedom he'd lost, much less name someone who'd been victimized by the Patriot act. But I bet everyone has heard of someone who's been jailed, fined or prohibited from using his property as he'd like because of environmental restrictions – and I"m not talking about big polluters.

Recently, James Taranto coined a term: "the delusion of competence." If he didn't coin it, I, at least, hadn't seen it before, but I immediately thought about all those scientists who subscribe to the UN climate report – as well as some here…

"In the paramount threat of our time, the Democratic Party is AWOL. And those are the patriotic Democrats. The rest are actively aiding the enemy… Like the noose hysteria currently sweeping New York City, liberals are always fighting the last battle because the current battle is too frightening." – Ann Coulter

I read something tonight about what a fraud carbon offsets are, and I was surprised that it was so easy to see and yet I hadn't heard anyone talking about it until now. It has to do with planting trees, but it doesn't involve the sheer numbers necessary for so many people to cover their tracks. Any ideas? Btw, I have so much material that mocks and debunks this warming nonsense that I can't keep up. It's literally scrolling off my clipboard extender.

How many of a species is enough? I ask because the other day, a woman called Rush Limbaugh to tell him she was a conservative, but she was also an animal lover, and she was beside herself that there were only 5000 tigers left. Limbaugh mentioned in a sort of question.statement that they were in zoos, to which the woman responded, "No, I'm talking about in the WILD!" That prompted Limbaugh to utter one of the funniest lines I've heard recently – "Oh, OK, then it's covered." At this point, you may want to reconsider your answer to my opening question?!?

So warming started the fires… and the fires increase warming… so not only is the cycle complete, it's spiraling out of control, and perhaps the only thing that can stop it now is a major volcanic eruption?

And is it my imagination or is it that with oil around $95. a barrel, liberals don't seem nearly as sanguine about their "blood for oil" indictment of the administration?

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A longtime veteran of comedy and political forums, I decided that I needed a more restful venue because... well... I finally hate everybody. Except my wife that is... and my ex-wife.. and... no, that's about it. I lead about as simple a life as one can, preferring activities that include anything that doesn't involve going out and seeing YOU! And I particularly enjoy what I call "Get the Bitch" movies on Lifetime. You know the ones where the intended victim finally does something so incredibly stupid that she forfeits her right to live, and from that moment on you're rooting for the stalker. Of course, it rarely works out the way you want, but when it does, the feeling you get is... well, there's nothing else like it, other than, maybe, eating chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I'm proudly anti-wildlife, both foreign and domestic, and anti-environment - especially foreign environments. I think Howard Stern put it best when he said, "If fifty percent of the population died tomorrow, I can live with that." And I feel the same about the other fifty percent, so together, we've pretty much got it all covered.
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8 Responses to Sundries

  1. Scio, Scio says:

    I totally wish dinosaurs were still around.Only so I could eat them.

  2. X says:

    Birds! Don't you like poultry?What about turtle soup?Shark fin soup?Aligator?

  3. Scio, Scio says:

    Brontosaurus steaks.Did you know that there were some fellows who actually found a frozen mammoth, preserved and intact? They thawed and ate some of the meat. That's what I want to do.

  4. X says:

    yes, i knew about that. and i was wondering about the state of the freezer burn.I am also a little concerned of the burn, Ted is going to level at me for mucking up his thread. Hopefully, it'll just be the cold shoulder.

  5. TedWest says:

    OK, first of all, it's impossible to muck up one of my threads, but this is exactly how I'd like it done if I had to choose.
    Second, all this has give rise to an interesting question, at least to me: would there then be dinosaur farms? And if so, how big would they have to be, and what would that do to the price of corn?
    Not to mention that they're already concerned about cow emissions.

  6. X says:

    You should take to Michael Crichton (M. Chiton?). I think he's written two fictions that could be recombined to address this very thought.Anyhow… I don't think dinosaurs would eat corn. Would they compete with it? Perhaps their droppings could be harvested for a methane plant?Then again… the term "turtle water" comes to mind. At the very least I'd like to avoid the foul mess they would make in the water trough, and propose that dinosaurs be free range only.

  7. Scio, Scio says:

    would there then be dinosaur farms? The State of Utah would be converted to dinosaur production, yes. I believe that a smallish herd of fully grown brontos would feed half the country.

  8. TedWest says:

    Hen and Scio…
    Hmmm… Hen and Scio… that sounds like a sequel to Animal Farm right there. Anyway, Hen, you're not seeing the whole picture. While some dinosaurs were indeed vegetarian, they would all possibly be affected by the corn supply since it is used to feed the animals, including Mexicans, which they would feed on.
    And Scio, when you say the "State of Utah," I presume you mean the entire state suitably fenced – which it isn't now…?
    And I agree that such a farm might feed the whole country, though I am having some difficulty picturing the scene at the dinner table.

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