Warming – What A Wonderful World This Could Be

Warming – What A Wonderful World This Could Be

I believe it was the ultra-liberal, Meredith Viera, who said that she took a walk in Central park last December and it was 70 degrees, and she thought, "We're all gonna die."

Can you believe that? And unexpectedly gorgeous day at a time when New Yorkers would ordinarily be slogging through snow or trying to hold their own against a cold wind, and she's not just unhappy, she's scared to death.

Well, here's a fact – even if the Earth is warming, it hasn't reached the ideal temperature yet.

I've lived in cold and I've lived in hot – hot is better. Hot has less inconvenience. Hot doesn't need to use more energy. Hot even grows more stuff.

You know what, in addition to the natural beauty, we found to be awesome in our first year in Phoenix? Christmas in the desert. The lights on the cactus, that sort of thing. The next best thing was 80 degrees at Thanksgiving (because there were no decorations to admire). I remembered the thanksgiving long ago when dad and I attended a football game at Cleveland stadium – in the bitter cold.

But while hot is better than cold, "hot" is not even what we're talking about with respect to any warming trend. We're talking about a few degrees – that might move winter back a few weeks and Spring up a few. If only John Denver were still alive, he'd have to be changing he'd have to change the first line of Country Roads to something like "Almost heaven, warm Virginia…"

So while we should definitely conserve and find alternative energy sources for obvious reasons, combating warming isn't one of them – yet. And over time, we'll find new ways to solve our problems.

Even a worst case scenario isn't a tenth (or a hundredth) as scary as another Viera type imagined – that the planet would be uninhabitable. Granted we might then have to do things we can't even imagine now, but also then, there's not evidence that an "uninhabitable" planet can't be restored. i mean, if we can control the environment enough to stop warming, why can't we control it completely?

Can you say, "Earth Dome?" Anyone?

In the meantime, More than others, I should be upset about increased temperatures, but you know what? Here in Phoenix, it doesn't come up often. It should, because it's a crime that more homes don't have solar, but that's another matter.

The point I was making is that a few degrees makes a bigger difference when it's 115 outside. I mean, 108 is hot, 115 is oven-like, and on the day it hit 122 back in the mid-nineties, I just had to go out to see how it would feel like. Wow, it was surreal. I wouldn't want to experience that everday… so it's lucky that it's been a dozen years and we haven't.

Anybody get the idea….? Well, one of the negatives about "global warming" that I read recently was that the Caribbean islands might lose tourist business to areas further north. Hmmm. same goes for wine-growing.

Some people in warm areas might even move north and northern morticians might lose business as less people die there from the affects of cold, so it balances out – business-wise.

Join me now, "We didn't start the fires…"

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