What The Heck Are You Watching?

What The Heck Are You Watching?

Because apparently it ain't CHUCK, the greatest show ever to appear on television – and which seems to have no audience. It's even awaiting five votes on IMDB!

Maybe it's because you think Adam Baldwin is one of the three rotten Baldwin brothers? He's not. What he is is a terrific comic actor and he's not even the best comic actor on the new NBC series seen Mondays, that's today, at eight eastern time.

Chuck, the show's name and lead character played by Zachary Levi, whom I never heard of before, is a computer nerd who works at a Best Buy type store, but his former friend, a spy who was about to be killed, sent him an email with huge amount of classified information on it, and somehow, similar to a computer virus, the whole thing downloaded – into Chuck's head!

Forget about it not being believable, what matters is all that followed – the beautiful and deadly CIA agent, Yvonne Strahovski, and the intense NSA agent played by Baldwin competing with each other, then forming a tense alliance to thwart bad guys.

But this show isn't even just hilarious, it has also got action, drama, intrigue, and more hilarity. In the very first episode, Chuck was standing at the front counter with a manual in hand, talking to a customer on the phone when "Sarah," Yvonne Strahovski, approaches. Chuck looked up and both manual and phone fell from his hands like dead weight as he was completely overcome by the stunning woman, which who wouldn't be?

In another episode, Chuck is about to be shot right in the store when out of nowhere, a microwave oven smashes into the bad guy's head, courtesy of Adam Baldwin, and it happened so fast it was like watching a Roadrunner cartoon. When you see it, you won't forget it.

I can't possibly do the show justice here. Suffice it to say, I've watched every episode so far more than once, and all I'm asking is for you to have a look because I know you'll be hooked.

And don't even take my word for it, here's one reviewer's comment:

"What I liked: There was great character development right from the start. The relationships aren't too forced or cliché. The photography is up to the caliper (sic) of a major motion picture, filled with lots of great action sequences. The dialogue between Chuck and his best friend/ co-worker is outright hilarious. The music was fitting, they even ended with a song from indie synth-Pop darling "Joy Electric". What I disliked: To be honest, there wasn't much that I didn't like about this show."

So do us both a favor and catch Chuck tonight – and then again next Saturday. And alert your nerdy friends… and any spies you might know as well.

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4 Responses to What The Heck Are You Watching?

  1. Adam says:

    I resent all Baldwins!

    I actually haven't seen this show, but I don't watch a whole lot of tv… until it comes out on dvd anyways. 🙂

  2. TedWest says:

    I hear ya, but there's good news. Adam Baldwin is not related to those other guys. He's a totally separate Baldwin. Although what a cross he has to bear. I bet he spends a lot of time explaining that he's not in inbred maniac/addict.

  3. Adam says:

    I don't even really know Adam Baldwin and I agree !(The resentment was for humour's sake only 🙂 )

  4. TedWest says:

    Well, see, there's the problem – I missed the humor. But in my defense, that's because the Baldwins are no laughing matter to me!?!

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