Big Advances Announced In Giant Snorkel And “‘Sea Off’ Spray” Technologies

I wouldn't be surprised to see a college course – Creating Disasters 101 as the first step toward an eventual doctorate program.

Did you see the headline today?

"Rising Seas Threaten 21 Mega-Cities"

Oh… my… GOD! SAY IT AIN'T SO!?!

OK, I will – it ain't so.

In fact, I'm not even the one saying it – the article said it.

Or rather, it said NOTHING!

I'm not kidding, it literally was an article about what a group of warmalarmists say -will- happen.

In other words, while the headline gives one the impression that rising seas are threatening cities RIGHT NOW, in fact, this was just an attempt to scare idiots of the sort who have been dropping in here lately into an even greater frenzy.

Is that even possible?

There are literally no facts in the article that pertain to global warming – or even rising sea levels. None whatsoever.

We've come to expect this sort of garbage with respect to the war in Iraq, conservatives, and other subjects the media decides to gang-rape, and with this, it is abundantly clear that facts don't matter in the warmalarmist argument – in fact, it's science fiction – whatever scare you can dream up, sell it as if it were real.

The truth is, current levels are nowhere near their all-time highs, and while not denying that rising seas would be problematic for some cities, and that they could even be catastrophic, this is really just an effort to foist blame on human activities and subsequently tax and control people – all in the interest of power, nothing more.

The very idea – the arrogance – that allows someone to think we can do anything to control sea levels should be fodder for comedians, not not another nail in the coffin of freedom.

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