We’re All British Now

In Modern Romance, Albert Brooks thinks his girlfriend, Kathryn Harold, is wearing a provocative dress to work, and he warns, "Honey, there are men out there who -only- rape… that's all they do.

That was thirty years ago, and naturally, things change. Now, there are men out there who only kill.

Yes, I know, of course that's not all they do… because it takes time to pick their targets, devise a plan, build a bomb…

And maing all that ever so slightly more complocated is that they're doctors.

This should finally get the left all riled up simply because medical professionals, in the absence of mitigating evidence at this time, might be considered hypocrites, which is, as you know, the highest crime recognized by liberals.

The arrest of, what is apparently, six doctors, including the suspected ringleader whom the Daily Mail describes as "a brilliant neurologist working for the NHS" may now show how thoroughly corrupt and dangerous Islam is, but it also shows us one of the biggest problems with universal healthcare… I mean, a neurologist can't even wire a bomb to go off?

Some may tend to dismiss the insane chantings of the Pakistani hordes over cartoons and authors, but it's harder to discount doctors' involvement in a barely failed plot.

And yet, last week, we witnessed another disturbing sight – our illustrious President, in his stocking feet, reassuring a mosqueful of Muslims that this was what America and freedom was all about.

The "this" he was referring to was the fact that there were churches, synagogues and mosques on the same street in Washington, all peacefully coexisting.

Except that as Diana West points out, the Jews have to peacefully coexist with armed guards and automatic weapons.

Unthinkable – yet thinkable.

And that's not going to change, not even if it ever happens that so-called peaceful Muslims one day get some backbone and demand that a "religion of peace" actually be peaceful…

And respectful of others.

Because the pig in the poke is Sharia law. As Ms. West also points out, and you already know, it's what most Muslims want to see implemented planet-wide, and it merely tolerates other religions on very unfavorable terms.

And that's likely only as long as Muslims have to.

Because the Dark Ages would look like a week at Disneyland if Sharia ever became the rule.

And instead of recognizing reality, President Bush pulled a … well… he pulled a Bush.

At the very least, Shoeless George doesn't mosey on down to Mosqueville to reassure them about anything, they should be standing in line to reassure us.

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