Not Bad, Good Britain

Last Comic Standing took its search for new talent to England tonight, and I didn't expect much. Most British comedians are either so subtle you forget to laugh, or dismayingly  gross, loud and juvenile.

But not tonight.

Quite simply, the British comics were the best lot to date, and this comes on the heals of a pleasant surprise from Australia last week.

As a result, the fifth season has promise for being the best yet.

I thought that the line of the night went to a black girl who said she was considering converting to  Islam and at the meeting, the salesman told her that white people had taken all the gold and diamonds from Africa…

"Yeah but I've been watching Hip-Hop videos and MTV, and I think we've gotten most of it back."

Another girl who didn't make the cut had the second best line. She said she went out with a guy who tried to get affectionate in public and she pushed him away. He asked if it was because her parents hadn't been affectionate, and she answered, "No, it's in case I see someone better lookin'.

Then there was the Jewish guy who wanted to use his comedy to break stereotypes because he heard there's a lot of money in it.

Good job, GB.

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