In Praise Of The Great Ann Coulter III, Changa, Changa, Changa, Changa!

She did it again, folks! Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? And in this case, it's not even what Ann said that's news, it's the reaction to it.

Chris Matthews ambushed Ms. Coulter on Hardball yesterday with a pre-arranged, pre-scripted call by someone who called herself Elizabeth Edwards, aka, Elizabeth The Exploiter, who apparently pleaded for Ann to stop attacking Edwards' weasel…

Er… gutless husband.

I know what you're thinking, "But Ted, the woman has incurable… nerve!"

Of course. And Ann has made no serious attacks on The Haircut, but the point of the setup was to have a cancer sufferer embarrass the brilliant and brutally accurate, commentator.

On Good Morning America the day before, Ann was again asked about the botched joke in which she referred to Edwards as a faggot – as in, "Johnnie are you queer, boy?"

Ann responded by again playing off another liberal's prior comment.

Coulter: "If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

If you're unfamiliar, that was in reference to Bill Maher having said that people wouldn't be dying in Iraq and Afghanistan if Cheney had been attacked and killed. No one, of course, held Maher accountable because Cheney's on all liberals' approved hate list. In fact, I heard it's been dubbed The Dick List, by these silver-tongued devils.

But the liberal media stands vigilant for anything Coulter says that they might be able to frame as conservative "hate speech," and what I love most about Ann Coulter is that she does what I would do – she obliges them and defiantly so.

Elle est magnifique!

But the story doesn't end there or I wouldn't be writing this.

I happened to be looking though the Political group and I came across someone who'd been overcome by Ann's comments – as only liberals can be.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Changa

"So now this heartless, soulless, trifling, inept, contemptuous, unintelligent bigot is on Hardball (looking more like the hookers that stand on Prospect Ave)." 

The writer is so unhinged by Queen Ann that she can only string adjectives – not that they're true, but as with any good liberal, they're what she feels.

Only someone suffering from temporary insanity or terminal stupidity  could say Coulter is inept or lacking in intelligence, and while Ann is certainly contemptuous (of liberals), our little hater (you'll see momentarily), I'm sure, meant "contemptible."

And Ann's trifling? Why Madlib's very post belies that.

But our complainant was just getting started.

"She's acting and sounding more like an immature 2 year old (sic) than anything remotely close to an adult, trying so desperately to win an argument with Elizabeth Edwards.  I've heard better comebacks from little kids on a playground."

And I've heard more articulate observations from those same children.

Once again, as is their standard method, notice the plethora of charges and the complete absence of evidence… or even examples that might allow you to decide for yourself?

It gets better…

"I could just come right out and call her a fucking bitch"

Surprised? I might have been if I hadn't encountered Barbie from Britain a few days ago. He had hurled like-kind epithets at me in demonstrating his mental adroitness.

But at least we can now understand why liberals have so much trouble expressing themselves on television.

Changa continues…

"but I was raised better than that…"

Notwithstanding the obvious, if she had been raised better than that, she wouldn't even be thinking it

"Ok, no I wasn't." 

Precisely, but I'm sure she's concealed it well up to now?!?

"Ann, you are a fucking loud mouth (sic) bitch."

Now wouldn't you just love to know her better? She must be a delightful conversationalist, A loving wife, and mother So why am I thinking she could be the poster girl for partial birth abortion?!?

"There's a special place in hell (sic) for people like you who serve no one but themselves and do nothing but further hate."

You read that right, Superhater super hates the alleged hater. It would seem that not only does Ann "further" hate, but her students exceed the teacher. Now THAT'S a hate mentor if ever there was one!

And that special place in Hell? You won't find Ann, but you'll find her portrait in its Hall of Fame as the Goddess who helped so many like Changa to end up there. I'm told that Ann is the all-time assist leader…

"And take that cross off your neck.  You do not have an inkling of good Christian (or human) values in you!"

Yes, you know, Ann, like the one's Changa has on full display?

But she's bared all, people, so we should applaud her and celebrate her… uh… expressivosity…

Even as we critique Changa in her own words…

"heartless, soulless, trifling, inept, contemptuous, unintelligent bigot… (looking more like the hookers that stand on Prospect Ave)… acting and sounding more like an immature 2 year old than anything remotely close to an adult, trying so desperately to win an argument… I've heard better comebacks from little kids on a playground."

I think that about sums up our little liberal hate-tress. Hers is a case of transference, pure and simple. And don't you just hate it when good beasts go bad? Yes, what we have here is a dead parrot!

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2 Responses to In Praise Of The Great Ann Coulter III, Changa, Changa, Changa, Changa!

  1. I have noticed that the Liberals spew more hate than you could imagine when condemning Ann. They hate her with so much passion that it is very scary.

  2. theway2k says:

    Awesome post!
    And to Madmouser: I think the only person liberals hate more than Coulter is Bush. At Coulter can talk back with her incredibly acidic wit. Go Coulter.

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