When The President Is The Enemy – And You’re On His SIde

El Presidente went to Capitol Hill yesterday to lobby for his immigration plan, aka, The-Not-So-Great Society. At the same time, Some Republicans such as Trent Lott and Lindsay Graham were praising Ted Kennedy. Michael Chertoff actually called Kennedy "awesome." If you think you're in the Twilight Zone, you are – the Twilight of the Republic.

Now some of you are still sane, so tell me, does Kennedy have any redeeming value whatsoever other than his picture being used for target practice?

Well, in a column appearing today, Rod Dreher takes a bit of a new approach to something I've been saying for several years now about  people who call themselves conservatives but who've previously turned a blind eye to the devastation caused by Republicans in general, and the President in particular over the past six years.

But where I only decried their failure to speak up. Rod Dreher holds them accountable – culpable, as he puts it. Where I said that Ann Coulter and Peggy Noonan had now given conservatives permission to speak up, Dreher asks why they didn't speak up on their own? Because as he puts it:

"Being conservative used to mean that you stood for certain political ideas, but it also meant that you stood for certain virtues, especially personal responsibility and old-fashioned honor. After these last six years, it's hard to know what conservatives stand for, except never having to say you're sorry."

Conservatives stood by when Bush signed campaign finance "reform" into law, stood silent when he failed to veto a single bill and as he let spending run wild, defended his general incompetence, overlooked his outrageous conduct surrounding Katrina, and gave him their full faith and confidence in handling Iraq.

And even though Bush has never protected our border and has allowed illegal immigration to mushroom, conservatives have known from the beginning that he wanted to personally and with open arms welcome each Mexican as he crossed over,  but only now are the grassroots finally putting up some resistance.

Conservatives will tell you they still have their values, but what does that matter when they are willing to allow their boys to trample all over those values for six years and jeopardize our safety and security, and our very identity in the process?

"Even so, none of this is as damaging to conservatism as the way the Bush administration and its congressional enablers have hollowed out a philosophical — even moral — reason why ordinary people become conservative: because to be a conservative is to believe in personal responsibility, in accountability, in consequences for actions… When Republicans in power behaved stupidly or dishonorably, with vastly more significant consequences for the nation and the world than anything that low-rent tomcat from Arkansas pulled … nothing happened to them. " says Dreher.

And don't get too excited about the Dems' low approval ratings, since that only means Republicans might regain control and continue business as usual.

"Heck of a job, the lot of you. You and your congressional Republican abettors have done a splendid job routing conservatism…"

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