Popularity Over Principle

What does it say about Democrats that they would consider a victory in Iraq to be a possibly fatal political blow? 

Is there anyone who hasn't heard Tokyo Reid's broadcasts to our troops that the war is lost? That they are dying in vain? That the only hope for them individually is to flee?

So is Harry a traitor?

Does the question even need to be asked?

Except, what's happened to other traitors under a Bush administration?

Is Nancy Pelosi be facing indictment? On the contrary, it's the Administration itself that's been under investigative assault, and for the most trivial of matters imaginable.

Now Harry knows he's can say what he did without fear of consequences. That Bush and Company will do what they always have – nothing. They'll leave any confrontation to talk radio hosts. They'll keep on keepin' on the same way they have with the war itself – as if they were flies on the wall.

And how appropriate is that metaphor for all it implies?

The Democrats are what they are and do what they do because it's what their constituents want. Some of those people are doubtless sincere, if horribly misguided. Others are guilty of treason. They'll protest that they are good and patriotic Americans, but they reject what America "stands for."

It's akin to Catholics who reject Church teaching but still believe they're Catholics. Except that the consequences of what the left espouses are infinitely more serious. Most Catholics who renounce certain Catholic teachings are not gleefully and actively working to bring the Church down.

But will George Bush give Harry hell? Whether it's because Bush is a humble and forgiving man who is confident that his position will somehow win out as the American people realize the implications of Democrat positions, strategies, actions and speech,  or whether it's, as I believe, something more cynical such as that Bush has what he wanted – the Presidency, and as a result, why rock the boat now, the fact is, you go to sleep at night knowing that the President isn't going to take on anybody, much less initiate any criminal investigations.

Everything I see has Bush & Co. merely playing for time – Rice, Gonzalez, and others just running out the clock. Except that the longer the clock runs, the more likely bad things are likely to happen both domestically and internationally (itemization available on request).

So we squeal as Dems say and do the most outrageous and heretofore unimaginable things, but we know that because of the lack of leadership and the equally heretofore unimaginable wimpiness of "With us or against us" guy, were all Elizabeth Hasselbecks.

I'm still for Rudy though I won't personally be voting for him. I mean, Rudy seems most likely to be the one candidate with backbone if you concede that Tom Tancredo has no chance, but because of our experience with with Bush, it remains to be seen whether Rudy will be the same guy when he actually occupies the Wite House.

Perhaps we should paint it black.

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About tedwest

A longtime veteran of comedy and political forums, I decided that I needed a more restful venue because... well... I finally hate everybody. Except my wife that is... and my ex-wife.. and... no, that's about it. I lead about as simple a life as one can, preferring activities that include anything that doesn't involve going out and seeing YOU! And I particularly enjoy what I call "Get the Bitch" movies on Lifetime. You know the ones where the intended victim finally does something so incredibly stupid that she forfeits her right to live, and from that moment on you're rooting for the stalker. Of course, it rarely works out the way you want, but when it does, the feeling you get is... well, there's nothing else like it, other than, maybe, eating chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I'm proudly anti-wildlife, both foreign and domestic, and anti-environment - especially foreign environments. I think Howard Stern put it best when he said, "If fifty percent of the population died tomorrow, I can live with that." And I feel the same about the other fifty percent, so together, we've pretty much got it all covered.
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3 Responses to Popularity Over Principle

  1. As always, you hit the nail on the head. The Mr. Nice Guy routine does not get you anywhere with the Liberals. I thought 'W' was smarter that that.There are so many serious issues that need to be investigated, I really can't understand why he has elected not to do anything. I am dumbfounded by this omission of duty.

  2. One of my biggest beefs with Bush is how he and his administration have failed to make the case for the war in Iraq, and for the greater war on terror. He seems to think the case is self-evident ("see 911") but unfortunately, in reality, he needed to hit the airwaves hard and often to hammer sense into these people. And he didn't. I
    think Reid and Damascus Nancy ought to be taken out and shot — oh no, wait, that's what Osama Bin Ladin would do to them if they had stabbed him in the back like that… Surely we're more civilized than OBL & Co.! But still, they make me sick. They positively make me ill. That whole vote was a completely empty political gesture, they could make it without any risk b/c they knew Bush would have to veto it, and then he could be the bad guy… Bah! Okay, must stop now for the good of my blood pressure…

  3. TedWest says:

    I couldn't agree more, but be thankful it's only your blood pressure rising, as I have already had numerous small strokes.

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