You’re Doing It Again

WorldNetDaily billed her commentary today this way.

"Exclusive: Barbara Simpson slams Pelosi, Congress and Bush over handling of seized British sailors "

Uh… no she didn't. She did what every other "conservative" does – she conveniently blamed the Democrats for all our woes.

As much as they disgust me, a world without liberals would not necessarily be better, and it would ultimately result in defining courage down. I mean, how much backbone is required when everyone agrees with you?

Furthermore, what the Dems are doing in Congress now is a good thing. Before, Mr. Bush had a free hand to do as he pleased in Iraq, and he was not even subject to much oversight. Now at least, the pressure is on. And if we end up surrendering, it'll be because the Congress decides that the time it will take to pacify Iraq is not worth the losses we'll incur.

So I wrote the following to Barbara Simpson:

Your column started off promisingly, but in the end, it left you looking not much better than Pelosi, and weaker than those whom you endeavored to chastise. or was it, endeavored to avoid chastising?
Here's the heart of it:
"As for the White House, it would be nice to hear some strong words from them"
Them? The "White House" is plural? No, that's what you and almost every other "loyal" conservative are doing so as not to single out for excoriation the one man who's responsible.
Nobody, not Pelosi, not the Iranians, not Abdullah, not Maliki would likely be doing what they are doing if it weren't for the (correctly) perceived impotence of one Jorge Whatsaborder Arbusto.
I'm sick of this sort of thing. In your entire commentary, you only used "Bush" once, and it was not even in reference to the man himself - the man who put us where we are, and who now makes possible all transgressions by our foes both foreign and domestic.
And what an ending:
"In other words, believe their threats."
Oh, OK.
Meanwhile, James Taranto reported something today that I had not heard elsewhere:
"Bloomberg notes that a group of Republican congressmen also are visiting Syria. It's not clear whether the White House cares."

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