Are You Living In Terror?

According to the often hideous Bill O'Reilly, white people are terrified at the thought of using almost any adjective when referring to our darkest Americans.

He made that comment in the context of responding to an articulate Black guy who was complaining that George Bush recently insulted Barama* and all black Americans. He allegedly did it when asked by Neal Cavuto if Barama could command the respect of the military if he were to become Commander -in-Chief, and in the course of responding, Mr. Bush -labeled- Barama as "articulate," but I mean c'mon, why is that surprising? Compared to the President, aren't most people articulate?

It turns out that, unbeknownst to us (since we aren't allowed to be members of the Black Caucus we didn't get the memo), "articulate" is now the modern-day equivalent of "he's a credit to his race," dawg. At least that's what O'Reilly's token guest would have you believe.

So they went to the video tape, and darned if the President didn't say exactly that. No, not the "he's a credit to his race" part, but he actually did say Barama was articulate.

Now unlike Blacks, whom I refuse to refer to as "African-Americans" (or even "Afro-Americans," as Michael Richards did during the Letterman portion of his apology tour) for reasons I've explained long ago but will repeat here if begged, you could win my undying gratitude and loyalty if you were to say that I was articulate, and you needn't be the slightest bit concerned that someone might say you were patronizing me.

Nevertheless, they're upset with President Bush, but who isn't? However, last week, Senator Biden also said that Barama was articulate, and with whom do you think Blacks are most upset? It's probably just because the President holds the higher office,

And it's seems to me that it's also probable that the strange reaction Blacks have to a word like "articulate" is more a reflection of a collective inferiority complex, which is not altogether unjustified since so many of their number are often slightly incomprehensible. However, if they could just be more patient, Whites are doing their part to level the field. I mean have you heard they way we're talking now? Why, a caveman could do it.


*During an appearance on the Imus in the Morning Radio Program, Newsweek's Assistant Managing Editor, Evan Thomas, substituted the name not once, but twice, in referring to Barack Obama…… And no Blacks complained during the taping of that segment – or after.

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3 Responses to Are You Living In Terror?

  1. All this uproar over the word 'articulate' is getting absurd. Articulate is a nice word and means something nice. I wish we could say the same about rap stars and athletes. I am sorry, but I cannot understand half the words they say. I wonder if it is English or a mixture of English and something else. I am not trying to be rude. I make the attempt to listen to what they say, but they do not make an effort to sound coherent. So, what is a person to do, much less say? I have to ask others to interpret for me and most of the time, they are as puzzled as I am.

  2. Jack Yan says:

    I didn’t see the interview, but I doubt the President would result to public insults. Heck, he even held his tongue over Cindy Sheehan. Maybe, just maybe, Dubya just meant what he said and gave a fair and honest appraisal of the Senator. Oh, I’m neither white nor black (and my American friends with African heritage prefer ‘black’, if they must have a label at all).

  3. Scio, Scio says:

    I also refuse to call them African-Americans. Syllabic conservation is a must in this day and age.I like the point about an inferiority complex. It's like when they turned on Cosby for pointing out that they could be doing much, much better when it comes to educating their own. It's absurd that poor english is protected speech.

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