Those CAIRing Muslims

Here's today's math problem:

Six Imams board a plane in Minneapolis at 5pm. If two sit in the back, two sit in the middle, and two sit in front, how long will it take them to get to Phoenix? (answer at bottom)

Should six priests get on your flight, would you be alarmed? How about six Rabbis? OK, sure the Rabbis would be some cause for concern, but mainly because of the slight possibility that Muslims would want to blow up the plane just to take out six Jews.

But now take six Imams… please….

If you were one of their number, and you were getting on a flight all together, praying aloud, making some questionable comments, asking for belt extensions, and ultimately splitting up and sitting in various parts of the plane, do you think it's the slightest bit conceivable that your appearance, your demeanor, and your actions might be upsetting to some people?

So why didn't you anticipate that and do your best to ally any fears? I ask that because some Rabbis did just that on another flight. The lead Rabbi actually announced who they were and what they would be doing regarding prayers, etc. so as not to make those people nervous who might mistake them for the sort of people who expect average Americans to accommodate their eccentricities in the same sort of conditions in which others of their kind managed to commandeer planes and kill 3000 or so people.

I was thinking about how to characterize Christianity today, and I thought that "Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men" was decent enough for my purposes here. And how would then characterize Islam, "Peace on Earth, goodwill toward infidels?"

Now, regarding our math question: no, it's not a trick question, there is an answer, and oddly enough, Glen Campbell had it – by the time they get to Phoenix, you'll be risin'. But I'm curious, did anyone hear anything about how they got there? Did the airline put them on another flight where everything went OK because praytime was over, or they sat together in the cargo area, or did that flight only have six passengers?

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